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Download Data

Welcome to the data section of TOPOG online. At present topographic, climate, soil and vegetation data are available. The topographic and climate data consists of necessary files required to run Topog and pertain to specific catchments. Soil and vegetation data files are, however, general and can be used for any catchment. You can also download these data files to see the format of different files required to run Topog. Climate files although pertain to specific catchments, they can be used for other catchments to be able to study the hydrologic response of a catchment to different climate forcings.

Topographic data are available for Coranderrk, Cuenca, Ettercon and Myrtle catchments. A brief description of each catchment is also given on the data page.

Downloading Instructions

The topographic data consists of a number of files used to define the basin geometry, topography and element network. Climate and soil data files are, however, single files. These files have been tarred and compressed for UNIX platforms. Vegetation files are relatively small and thus can be downloaded straight on to your browser as text files.

Download Data

last modified on Wednesday, 1 May 2002