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The copyright for the TOPOG catchment modelling package resides with CSIRO Australia. The model may not be used to gain income, sold, or passed on to others, without the written permission of CSIRO. Correspondence should be addressed to the Chief, CSIRO Land and Water, GPO Box 1666, Canberra, Australia, 2601.

The TOPOG catchment model has been written to provide a research tool for the simulation of water movement in complex terrain. Where significance is to be placed upon the results of simulation, the user should have independent methods for checking the accuracy of the model predictions. Users are warned that significant errors in model predictions can arise from poor model parameterisation (i.e., input data errors). Topog has been written in good faith but CSIRO accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions it may contain or any liability or damage that may result from its use.

The development of TOPOG is a large group effort involving input from several CSIRO scientists, contract programmers and external collaborators. The core development team included Tony Butt, Craig Beverly, Warrick Dawes, Tom Hatton, Chris Maunder, Richard Silberstein, David Short, Rob Vertessy, Cathy Wilson, Lu Zhang and Senlin Zhou. We also thank Peter Slavich, Glen Walker, Russell Mein, Joe Walker, Mike Hutchinson, Wally Wu, Steve Running, Larry Band, Matt Nethery and David Deaves for their help along the way.

We greatly appreciate financial support given by CSIRO Land and Water, the Cooperative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology, the Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation, the National Soil Conservation program, the Murray Darling Basin Commission, the CSIRO Land and Water Care Program, Water Authority of Western Australia, ACT Electricity and Water, the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research, the Department of Industry, Science and Technology and Melbourne Water.

Most of the images used in Topog Online were sourced from the CSIRO Land and Water web site. The photos were taken by CSIRO photographer Bill van Aken. We thank Bill for his assistance. Copyright for these photos resides with CSIRO.

last modified on Wednesday, 8 May 2002